Last update | Parking & Directions

We can’t wait till our brand new edition this Sunday. It’s time to reunite all Breeze lovers again. We have some last updates for you about parking and directions.

▪ P A R K I N G ▪
Make sure you enter this address on your navigation:
Markt 43, Geertruidenberg.

There will be plenty of parking space here. From Markt 32 you can walk under the building straight to Fort St. Gertrudis.

▪ D I R E C T I O N S ▪
Fort St. Gertrudis is  conveniently located in Geertruidenberg (near Breda). Check the directions and parking tips here.

▪ L O C A T I O N ▪
Our location Fort St. Gertrudis is a beautiful fort located in Geertruidenberg. This fort is a monumental building with an impressive interior. From a beautiful patio, to a modern white lounge club. Fort St. Gertrudis is the perfect location for Salsa Breeze.

▪ T I M E T A B L E ▪
To be announced.

▪ T I C K E T S ▪
Still don’t have tickets yet? There will be a limited amount of tickets available at the door for €15,-. You can also buy your tickets online for €12,50 (ex. Fee).

Don’t forget to wear your most Breeziest outfit and your dancing shoes. See you on Sunday October 14th!